Whatever the document — a letter, a few paragraphs of text, a brochure, a magazine, an essay, a dissertation — I offer a simple, speedy and reliable proofreading service.

Exceptionally thorough and with a forensic eye for detail, I can ensure your document is accurate and consistent, follows any house-style requirements and is free from errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Proofreading service

The Diogenes proofreading service involves:

  • checking that spelling is perfect, using UK English
  • checking that punctuation is used appropriately and inserted where necessary
  • checking that the text is grammatically correct
  • checking that the basic formatting of the document is consistent
  • checking that layout references and citations comply with any style requirements and guidelines
  • highlighting any issues with the text, such as lack of clarity
  • providing brief feedback on the overall text

How I proofread

I use Track Changes, a built-in tool in Microsoft Office. It records any changes — such as deletions, insertions and formatting — made in a document. It is useful in the proofreading and copy-editing process because it allows the document’s original author to see what changes have been made to a document by the proofreader/copy-editor and to accept or reject them.

When I return your document to you, I will include an easy-to-follow guide on using Track Changes.


I can proofread documents in most formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, PDFs and Adobe InDesign.


Depending on the exact nature of the document and the agreed deadline, the basic proofreading service is £8 per 1,000 words. This assumes a 72-hour turnaround at a maximum of 4,000 words per day.


Are you looking for more than just basic proofreading? Click here to read about the Diogenes enhanced copy-editing service.