Diogenes Communications offers a comprehensive copy-editing and website content-management service, helping you create great writing.

Copy-editing service

In addition to basic proofreading, the Diogenes copy-editing service involves:

  • enhancing the overall readability of the text, improving the use of vocabulary and sentence structure to ensure clarity
  • ensuring that the text flows fluidly and logically between sentences
  • ensuring that the overall tone is appropriately formal, amending the text where necessary
  • ensuring consistency throughout the document
  • suggesting alternative wording where necessary
  • providing appropriately detailed feedback on the overall text

How I copy-edit

I use Track Changes, a built-in tool in Microsoft Office. It records any changes — such as deletions, insertions and formatting — made in a document. It is useful in the proofreading and copy-editing process because it allows the document’s original author to see what changes have been made to a document by the proofreader/copy-editor and to accept or reject them.

When I return your document to you, I will include an easy-to-follow guide on using Track Changes.


I can copy-edit documents in most formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, PDFs and Adobe InDesign.


Depending on the exact nature of the document and the agreed deadline, the enhanced copy-editing service is £12 per 1,000 words. This assumes a 72-hour turnaround at a maximum of 3,000 words per day.

Get in touch

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